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Consortium Of Genius
Now here's something very cool. We get a lot of stuff in the mail here at Picklehead but never anything quite like this. Take Mystery Science Theater and mix it with Monty Python, add some Kiss-type arena rock, throw in some vocals worthy of Queen, and add a generous helping of radio-type skits and you've got Consortium Of Genius. Starring Dr. Pinkerton, Dr. A Pentatonic, and Dr. Z, this album supplies 24 tracks of slammin' sonic science, served up straight-faced with a side order of silly sketches! From New Orleans, these guys rock. Check out the quotes and song samples below and get some Genius today!

"a work of legendary genius" - J.C. Patterson, Jackson Free Press
"sounds impeccable" - Robert Fontenot, Offbeat
"an epic work" - Keith Spera, Lagniappe
"Dear. Elvis. Almighty." - Paul T. Riddell


In COG We Trust (CD $12.95)--themed rock music and comedy skits
titles: I Have the Power * a temporary loss of power * LoBoToMy * Destroy Old Things * all hands report to the lab * Reach Out and Touch the Hand * Placebo! * Chati Che Cow * radiosonic ruckus * Why Do We Do It * Dance Or Die * dogmatic deliberations * Yer Dawg Iz Ded * the cowboys of genius * (I'm Not Jealous of the) Showerhead * runaway rednecks * Born In the South * desert dalliances * Funky Fresh * hi-tech piracy * Bucket Of Blood * drumbot embarks upon a very short solo career * Just a Drumbot * drumbiotic denouement

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Audio Samples (MP3): I Have the Power   a temporary loss of power

  Reach Out and Touch the Hand   Yer Dawg Iz Dead